UC100 CNC USB Controller USB To Parallel For Mach3 USB To Parallel With USB Line

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Easy plug and play USB to Parallel port adapter. Works perfectly with MACH3,
and doesn't require any complicated wiring. Just plug it into the USB port on your computer,
and then into your parallel port on your CNC controller!


Model: UC100
- Replace the LPT port of the MACH3.
- 4 axis simultaneous control.
- Work with Mach3 software through plug-ins.
- Up to 1125kHz operation.
- USB connected to the control computer.
- The standard MACH3 standard parallel port
- High speed USB communication and data buffer, stable and reliable operation


Support all Mach3 parallel port card.
Metal casing, stable and reliable.
USB connection from your PC to DB25 controller.
Fast communication with data buffer for robust and stable operation.
Adopt ultra short USB line to reduce the possibility of interference by USB.
The USB line is equivalent to an antenna, the longer the more unstable, the control board USB line only 10CM (shorter course can also do), is the general USB line (1.5 meters) of the 15 one, the theory on the anti-interference ability and stability is 15 times more than 1.5 meters using the USB line interface board.
Driver: Click here!

Package included:

1 x UC100 Controller


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