3DSWAY Improved E3D Cyclops 2 In 1 Out Hotend Kit 12V 40W with Thermistor Heater For 3D Printer

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1. This listing is 0.4mm/1.75mm, and with PTFE tube inside.
2. The heater is 12V 40W.
3. Color optional: Blue / Red


The main body of the hotend kit is of high purity aviation aluminum, and they are produced by the CNC machine that imported from German. Also for the appearance of the product, we find the anode surface treatment manufacturer to make two colors that are different from other similar products to ensure the uniqueness of the product.
To improve the assembly and radiating with new appearance, which enhances the effective life of the hotend kit, and also contributes to the maintenance and replacement.

Tips for radiating of the 2 in 1 out and 2 in 2 out hotend kits:

Due to double pipes, the measured temperature is two times than that of single head.
Therefore, customer need to take ancillary action for radiating of the heat sink block, or it will probably cause blocking, especially in summer when the temperature is high.


1. Please keep the room temperature be not too high,
2. The recommended temperature of PLA: 185-200 degrees in summer, and 195-215 degrees in winter.
3. We recommend to add the high-quality dual ball bearing 11000 rbm fan for assisted cooling (the speed is three times higher than that of similar products in the market.)

Package includes:

1 x 2 In 1 Out Hotend Kit


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