Cabeça Extrusora 24V para impressora 3D

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The white wire is a 100K thermistor, and the red wire is a 24V 40W heating rod. The high temperature resistant blue PTFE tube is about 0.6M long and fits at 1.75mm.
Material: aluminum alloy
Size: 0.4/1.75mm
Voltage: 24V 40W
Working temperature: -20~+260℃
length : 0.6M PTEF tube length: 0.5M
Applies to: Creality 3D CR10-V2
Replacement method:

1. Disassemble the hood (the hood fixing screw is behind the back plate of the extruder)
2. After removing the hood, there are three screws on the back of the hood, loosen and remove
. old hot end kit and disconnect the old cable from the network management system. (The position of the hot end adapter plate is on the right rear part of the extrusion mechanism)
4. First connect the new section of the hot-end kit, turn it on to check the temperature and if the heating is normal. If it is normal, install the hood according to the previous steps. If it shows abnormal temperature detection, loosen the screw that secures the thermistor to the heating block. You can get back to normal.
Package Included:
1 x Hotend extruder kit
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