4 Buttons 433mhz Remote Control Compatible BFT MITTO4

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Universal 4 Buttons 433mhz Garage Door Remote Control Key Fob BFT MITTO4 Model

4 Buttons, slim Design, compact pocket size.
LED indicator and long range.
Controls up to 4 doors.
Button slide protector, included key ring.
Classic sliding cover housing, metal-plated frame, beautiful appearance feel good.
The essential condition for the selection of the remote control;the copied remote.

Material: Plastic & Metal
Color: Black & Chrome
Voltage: 12V (A 23A battery,battery is included)
Operating Current: ≤9mA
Operating Frequency:433 MHz
Transmit power: 10mW
Size: As the picture shown
Compatibility: BFT Mitto 2M  BFT Mitto 4M
How to program:
1. Hold down the first and second buttons together, the blue LED should stay off. If it lights up continuously, press the buttons again. The blue LED will flash slowly in around 5 seconds. This means the factory set test codes have been removed and the cloner remote is ready to receive a new code.
2. Press the button on the original remote that you wish to copy. Hold the cloner remote close to the original and press the button on the cloner remote that you wish the code to be copied to. The blue LED should light continuously once the code has been copied this is normally instantaneous. If the LED on the cloner remote does not light, whilst holding down both buttons ( one on the cloner and one on the original remote) move the original remote around the cloner remote until the blue LED lights. Different remotes emit signals from different parts of the remote body.
3. If you need to program another button on the cloner remote, follow instructions in step 2.
Package includes:
1 x 433MHz Garage Door Remote

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