HC-SR501 Human Infrared Sensor Module Including Lens

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HC-SR501 Human Infrared Sensor Module Including Lens


Operating Voltage: DC 5V-20V
Static power consumption: 65 microamps
Level Output: High 3.3V , Low 0V
Delay time:Adjustable (0.3 seconds to 10 minutes)
Blocking time: 0.2 seconds 
Trigger: L can not be repeated, H can be repeated, the default value is H
Induction Range: Cone angle of less than 120 degrees, less than 7 meters
Working temperature: -15℃-70℃


Automatic lighting hallways, corridors, bathrooms, basements, warehouses, garages, and other places, automatic ventilation exhaust fan and other electrical appliances (incandescent, fluorescent, buzzer, automatic doors, electric fans, dryers and automatic washing machine) especially for use in businesses, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses, sensitive areas or security zones and alarm systems. Can also be used for security purposes

Package included:

1 x HC-SR501 Human Infrared Sensor Module Including Lens

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