Monitor GSM Relé e Alertas SMS - Input / Output

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The WF-TP02E is a complete standalone temperature and humidity monitoring solution and also have Two alarm input port. One of the most compact and best value for money GSM temperature and humidity monitoring solutions on the market, the WF-TP Series is perfect for a wide range of applications where the user requires up-to-date temperature and humidity information or alerts. It can be placed anywhere with a GSM signal and will monitor and record the temperature from its sensor, attached via a cable, available in 1, 2, 3 , 5 and 10m lengths. Please note that the regular sensors are not suitable for immersing in liquids.
The WF-TP02E temperature and humidity monitoring unit can be configured both via a PC using a simple windows application, or by SMS text message commands to change the various settings; for example, to change maximum and minimum temperature and humidity limits, or request the current temperature and the WF-TP Series will text back the current temperature and humidity data.
-GSM Temperature Monitoring,SMS Alarm, wireless SMS remote controller and alarm system
-Rechargeable battery inside for power failure alert
Model: WF-TP02E (WF-TP02E is fully compatible with WF-TP02B)
TP02E is upgraded from TP02B, adding the function of power failure alarm
Frequency Band: Global Quad Band GSM/GPRS Engine ( 850/900/1800/1900MHz )
Dimensions: 153 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm
Supply Voltage: DC12V
Robust aluminium construction. 
Unlimited range wire free temperature monitoring using GSM module. 
Two switch type alarm input port (volt free).
Two Relay outputs to control most automation systems (volt free).
Easy operation with 20 numbers in monitor and remote control. 
Works with mobile phones and land lines. 
Mains powered with DC12v power adapter. 
Temperature Range at : -40-120'c Temperature Detection accurate
GSM temperature device:
1. Data log email report
2. Two input alarm,can connect any switch type sensor
3. Two relay output,can be controlled with SMS command
4. Three alarm mode of temperature: (1) Goes Out the setting maximum or minimum temperature limit (2) Fall in the setting maximum and minimum temperature range (3) Pass the setting limit ,go out or fall into, both will send the alarm SMS
5. Power failure alert
1. Server Room Monitoring,Museums, Archives, Galleries,Laboratory and Quality Test Workshops
2.Factories,Hospital Room Monitoring ,Air-Conditioned Rooms,Cold Storage Monitoring,Green House Monitoring,Building Management and Automation
Package includes:
1 x GSM-TP02E temperature controller
1 x temperature sensor (3 meter wire length)
1 x DC12V power adapter
1 x USB programmer
1 x Rechargeable battery for power failure alert

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