DC 800M / H 24V DC Hot Water Circulation Pump Submersible Brushless Motor

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Name: Water pump
Model: ZYW680
Materials: abdomen
Entrance exit: 4mm threaded door
Voltage: DC24V
Power: 19W
Maximum rated current: 1000MA
Flow quotient: 800L/h (m3/h)
Maximum water lift: 5 meters
Working environment temperature: 1-60 ℃
Maximum water circulation temperature: 100 ° C
Noise: <40 db (water) in operation
Driving mode: electromagnetic
Means of transport: hot water pump
Pump shaft position: horizontal
Impeller structure: open impeller
Impeller suction method: single type of suction
Cable line: 50cm
Sizes: Approximately 7.7 cm (W) x 4.2 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (H)


- Uses advanced electronic components and high quality wear resistant shaft.
- Long service life, continuous working time of more than 10,000 hours.
- It's smooth running, high efficiency, good performance.
- Small volume, low noise, safety and environmental protection.

The water pump cable (the red line is positive, make no mistake) received a suitable power source (the battery could be a battery, it could be a power converter) and then a good water pipe, then pump in water, Can be used normally.
(Note: DC brushless pump is a centrifugal pump, the pump water flow with increasing head decreases. There is no diving without auto priming function, it is not prohibited to use free water.)

Solving common problems:
1. Pump flow is low or there is no water. (Pump chamber can be disassembled for cleaning).
2. Use of the blanket when the pump is not filled with water. (There is air in the pump or in the piping.)

Package Included:
1 x motor brushless water pump
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