220V LCD Digital Temperature Controller Temp Sensor Relay

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Description :

220V LCD Digital Temperature Controller Temp Sensor Relay

This product gather a wide range of modern heating and cooling technology,small size, simple operation,accurate measurement and  anti-interference ability ,etc.

It suits most uesrs in different environments for automatic intelligent control system of many kinds of refrigeration,heating equipment.Refrigeration and heating mode could be set through the menu,the procedure has been set the power outage permanent memory function.

Specification :

Working voltage : AC220V±10% 50/60Hz;
Power consumption : ≤3W;
Measurement range : -40°C - 120°C;
Measurement error : ±0.5°C;
Control range : -40°C - 120°C;
Temperature control precision : separation rate : 0.1°C;
Slewing range of temperature : it could be adjusted in the range of  1 - 30°C;
Temperature sensor : NTC 25°C=10k B3435 ±1%(1 miter length,no positive or negative);
Output load : normally open 10A/AC220V;

Working environment : temperature : -20°C - 70°C;
Humidity : 90%RH none moisture condensation;
Dimensionof whole unite : 75(W) X 34.5(H) X 85(W)mm;
Trepanning dimension : 71(W) X 29(H).

Fault tips :
1.When the sensor disconnected, the screen displays --- and close the heating wire.
2.When the sensor short circuit or detect the enviroment temperature is higher than the upper temperature limit of 110 degrees,delink and display HHH and stop the output load.
3.When the sensor works normal and detect the enviroment temperature is lower than floor temperature limit of -50degrees, blink and display LLL and stop the output load.

Notes :
1.The temperature control host machine cannot be install in the place where is dripping water ,or the elderly ,children coudld be touched.
2.Various connecting wire must be well connected with the terminal, otherwise, it would result in reducing the reliability of machine.
3.When connecting the wire, please separate power supply, relays, sensors, otherwise it will damage the machine.
4.To prevent high-frequency interference,do not install the sensor line bundle with the power line and loaded equipment line,but sould be separated wring.

Package includes :

1 x 220V Temperature controller
1 x NTC sensor (1m cable)
1 x English user manual

Details pictures :


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