Dispensador Automático de Fita Cola

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Automatic packing tape dispenser M-1000 Tape adhesive cutting cutter machine 220V

Type: Microcomputer Tape Dispensers
Display: 3 digit LED
Applicable Tape Width: 7 - 50mm (3 inch reel)
Tape Size Set Limit: Auto: 20 - 999mm Free
Power Consumption: 20W
Power: AC220V 50Hz
Dimensions  137W x 218D x 150H
  net weight of machine: 2.4kg
package weight : 3.1kg

Only need to stick the tape tip to the outlet, then the tape at a required length will come out autoally.
Auto mode and Manual mode is selective, in Auto mode, it will cut tape autoally.
When a long tape is needed, keep pressing "FORWARD" key to the desired length, then press "CUT" key.
The cutter unit cassette can be removed and replaced easily (tape jamming can be also easily fixed).
The cutting length is shown on the LED display, you can set the cutting length easily by "CM" and "MM" key.
Available tape type: PVC tape, paper tape, cloth tape, glass tape, pp tape, kraft adhesive tape ect. 
Freature: Can cut various tapes, low price and strong function make this model very popular all over the world!


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