MINI DS213 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Portable 15MHz Bandwidth 100MSa/s Sampling Rate

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DS213 is a 
“5-track, 4-wave line” digital storage oscilloscope for g'eneral-purpose electronic engineering task and it is based on ARM Cortex M3 core. DS213 uses FPGA to manage external ADC’s control and data cache mode. It provides 4 application partitions for loading and upgrading up to 4 different application firmware. It also has built-in 8MB USB flash drive for storing waveforms and upgrading system firmware. The oscilloscope code application layer is open source, and users can develop oscilloscope firmware according to their needs

Mini size, light weight, portable and handheld;
It can store waveforms, making waveform analysis clearer and more effective;

Multiple trigger modes, support Ascend/Descend Edge Trigger, Positive/Negative Pulse Trigger, and Logic Trigger;
Powerful ability to process waveforms, it can automatically measure parameters such us voltage, frequency and pulse width.

CPU: ARM Cortex M3
FIFO & Control: FPGA
ADC: HWD9288-100
Analog Channels: 2([CH_A] [CH_B])
Digital Channels: 2([CH_C] [CH_D])
Operation Channel: INV [CH_A], INV [CH_B], [CH_A]+[CH_B], [CH_A]-[CH_B],[CH_C]&[CH_D],[CH_C] | [CH_D]
Vertical Sensitivity: 10mV-10V/div (1-2-5 STEP) (using X1 probe)
                100mV-100V/div (1-2-5 STEP) (using X10 probe)
Vertical Resolution: 8 bits
Sample Memory Depth: 4 channels, 4*4K
Coupling: DC, AC
Max Input Voltage: ±40Vpp (using X1 probe)
                 ±400Vpp (using X10 probe)
Trigger Types: Ascend/Descend Edge Trigger Mode, Positive/Negative Pulse Trigger, 
Logic Trigger
Trigger Mode: Auto, Normal, Single, Slow
Trigger Source: [CH_A] [CH_B] [CH_C] [CH_D]
Signal Source: Square Wave: 10Hz to 8MHz, in total 20 shifts and 3 Vpp Signal Sources;
Sine/Triangle/Sawtooth Wave: 10Hz to 20MHz, in total 11 shifts and 3 Vpp Signal Sources
Storage: built in 8M USB disk
File Types: BMP,BUF,CSV
Auto Measurement Types: Signal sequence/cycle/duty ratio, p'eak voltage/virtual value/max value/min value/average
Cursor Measurement: Time value, Amplitude value
Display Modes: 4 wave lines: Line 1: [CH_A], HIDE
Line 2: [CH_B], HIDE
Line 3: [CH_C], REC_1, REC _2, REC _3, REC _4, HIDE
Line 4: [CH_D], [CH_A]+[CH_B], [CH_A]-[CH_B], [CH_C]&[CH_D], [CH_C] | [CH_D], HIDE
Sampling Mode: Real-time Sampling
Sampling Rate: 100M Sa/s
Battery: 1000mAh
Size: 99.5mmx58.5mmx13.5mm
Weight: 129g (with battery)
Certificate: CE, FCC

Package Includes:

1 x DS213 
oscilloscope(not include the s
ilicone case)
2 x Test Proes
1 x one Set of accessories


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