F-201 6.5cm Hot Air Heat Gun Clamp Bracket Holder Rework Soldering Station

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Description :

F-201 Repair Platform Hot Air Heat Gun Clamp Bracket Holder Rework Soldering Station

Air gun bracket can be rotated 360 °, the height can be adjusted.
The operation is very convenient, high-quality metal, and long-lasting.
Specification :

Color : Black
Plate size : 25 x 20cm
Height : 23cm
Air gun holder ( big) : D6.5cm
Features : 

Air gun on the shelf can be rotated 360 ° for easy operation.
Height can be adjusted within the range of scientific design, easy operation.
Circuit boards with arbitrarily placed in the bottom range
Use metal chassis, sturdy.
Universal jig with IC, BGA-sik tin phone is a good helper,slide type is suitable for all mobile phone IC, easy to operate.
After the delivery of products needed to assemble your own, it must be very simple for smart you.
Package includes : 

1 x stainless steel plate
1 x pillar
1 x mobile bearing screw
1 x air gun holder (big)
1 x fixed bolt
1 x screwdriver
1 x multifunctional fixture
2 x fixtures container
2 x magnet tablet
Details pictures : 


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