DSK T12-D Digital Soldering Station Kit Soldering Iron Station Temperature Controller

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DSK T12-D Digital Soldering Station Kit Soldering Iron Station Temperature Controller Sleeping Function   with Handle + Holder + T12-K Tip

Working AC voltage: 110V - 240V
Temperature setting range: 110 - 435 degrees
1. Auto Sleep/ Manual Sleep
Auto Sleep After you stop using machine for 15 minutes, it automatically turns into sleep status, as well as stops heating.
Manual Sleep When you press the knob, machine manually turns into sleep status, as well as stops heating with LED light becoming dim light.
2. Auto Wakeup/ Manual Wakeup (Ball Switch Wakeup)
Auto Wakeup By utilizing ball switch, machine can be waken up very easily. You only need to slightly lift solder. Machine will automatically starts heating, with sound reminder. It is very convenient.
Manual Wakeup Lightly press the knob, and you are able to manually wake the machine up. Meanwhile, the LED light will become brighter. 
3. Sleep Switch Light attached(when machine sleeps, LED light becomes dim light. LED closes. Heat pauses.)
4.  Temperature Setup: clockwise turning the knob will increase the temperature. anti-clockwise turning the knob will decrease the temperature. After setup, machine will beep, as well as auto-setup the same temperature for next time. 
5. Small size, easy to carry
6. Handle chip is replaceable. When needed, just simply take off steel cover, and pull out the heat chip.


Package includes: 
1 x DSK Digital Controller Station
110V US Plug, 220V EU Plug, 230V AU Plug for optional~
1 x T12 handle
1 x T12-K
1 x Holder
Details pictures: 


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