SF-104 Termóstato digital para frigoríficos e congeladores

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Temperature control, and an evaporator fan control.
Automatic / manual electric defrost.
Defrost heating wire control.
Set Memory.
Parameter l℃k, self-diagnosis.
Suitable for air-cooled cryogenic freezers, cold storage.
Specification :

Model: digital thermostat (frozen) SF-104
Measuring temperature display range: -45℃ to 45℃
Measurement accuracy: ± 1℃
Working environment: -10 to 60℃
Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% (no condensation)
Compressor relay: 20A/1HP

Temperature sensing probe: two, 2 meters long
Compressor: normally open 20A/250V AC
Defrost heating wire: normally open 10A/250V AC
Evaporator fan: normally open 5A/250V AC

Technical parameters:
1. external sealed transformer output: AC 12V (a transformer can be equipped with a temperature controller)
2. the temperature probe: NTC, 2 amended (storage temperature, defrost control) 2 m long (regardless of sign)
3. the temperature display range: -45 to 66℃ (-45 to 150℉) Accuracy ± 1℃ (± 2℉)
4. the control temperature range: -45 to 45℃ (-45 to 120℉) Default: 0℃ (32℉)

Panel Operation:
Press the "SET" 6 seconds to enter the parameter setting
Press the "defrost" button for 6 seconds, into defrost or stop defrost
Press the "UP" button 6 seconds defrost probe temperature display
E1 Lowest temperature: -45℃ /-45oF ~ control the temperature,the factory value of -35℃ /-31oF;
E2 Highest temperature: control temperature~45℃ /120oF, the factory value of 20℃ / 68oF;
E3 Temperature return difference: 1 ~ 10 ℃ / 1~18oF, the factory value of 4 ℃ / 7oF;
E4 Delay start-up time from 0 ~ 10minutes,the factory value of 2 minutes;
E5 Warehouse temperature probe calibration: -20 ~ 20 ℃ / -36 ~ 36oF , the factory value of 0 ;
E6 Defrost probe calibration: -20 ~ 20℃ / -36 ~ 36oF, the factory value of 0 ;
F1 Defrost time: 1~ 60 minutes, the factory value of 20 minutes;
F2 Defrost interval: 1 ~24 hours, the factory value of 6 hours;
F3 Defrost termination temperature: 0 ~40 ℃ / 32-104oF ,the factory value of 8 ℃/46 oF
F4 Defrost temperature display: 0 = normal warehouse temperature display, 1 = defrost start temperature display;
F5 Fan Control,0 = compressor synchronization, 1 = has been running (defrost except)
C1 Temperature Units
0=Degrees Celsius
1=Degrees Fahrenheit

Function Description:
1. Temperature control
& Compressor after a brief delay, when the storage temperature is greater than (control temperature + temperature hysteresis), the compressor starts; storage temperature is less than the control temperature, the compressor stops.
& To protect the compressor, the compressor stops each time must be longer than the delay time (E4 parameters) to restart.

2. Electric defrost function:
& Only defrost defrost termination probe temperature less than the temperature (F3 parameter) to enter when defrosting, turn the heating wire.
& Operating a defrost interval automatically enter the defrost state. If defrost defrost termination probe temperature is lower than the temperature, defrost indicator light, the compressor stops, the heating wire work, evaporator fan stops.
& When the defrost probe temperature is higher than defrost termination temperature; or time to defrost, then launch defrost, heating wire to stop working, after two minutes after drip into normal temperature patterns, such as the storage temperature is greater than (control temperature + temperature hysteresis) compressor starts, one minute after the evaporator fan is working.
& When the defrost interval is set to "00", canceled Automatic defrost function.

3. Defrost l℃ked storage temperature display:
& When setting parameters F4 = 1, the l℃k in the project defrost inside temperature, shows defrost start temperature. After defrosting, storage temperature display delayed 20 minutes (or to control temperature) only after the return to normal display, delay the pr℃ess of defrosting lights flashing.

4. Non-normal operating mode:
& Thermostat probe short circuit or high temperature gauge (greater than 66℃/150oF) display "HH"; storage temperature probe open or low overrun (less than -45℃/-45oF) show "LL". Time to enter the timer mode, the compressor run for 30 minutes, stop for 15 minutes.
& Defrost probe short circuit, open circuit or overload, terminate defrost, limited only by the defrost time control.

Installation Precautions:
1. In order to prevent high-frequency interference, the probe cable in conjunction with power lines or control line bundle, to separate the wiring. 12V low-voltage lines can not be parallel with the high-voltage wiring.
2. The probe should be installed head-on, the line down; defrost probe should be placed in a metal film evaporator where the thickest ice, and can not be close to the heating wire.
3. Such as the installation requires, extend the probe line up to 100 m, without re-examination.
4. The thermostat can not install a drip place.
Package includeds :

1 x SF-104 Temperature Controller
1 x External Transformer
2 x Temperature Probe
1 x User Manual
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