Airless Sprayer Fiber Tube 13m Length 1/4 Inch 5000PSI Airless Spray Hose

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Airless Sprayer Fiber Tube 13m Length 1/4 Inch 5000PSI Airless Spray Hose For Graco TItan Wagner Paint Sprayers
Material: Fiber Tube
Color: Blue
Length: Approx. 13 meter
Highest confined: 5000PSI
Working pressure: 3300 Bar
Burst pressure: 4500 Bar
-13m 1/4 "airless sprayer high-pressure pipe fittings.
-Bearing pressure, pulse superior performance, combined tube tightly.
-The tube is light weight, easy to carry; small fluid resistance, the volume expansion is small, does not affect the pressure.
-Softness good, good flexibility, under high pressure can still be easily pulling, not curled.
-Inner conductive strip sandwich, to prevent leakage caused by physical injury, machine damage and other possibilities, increase the safety factor.
-Joint tightness super good place to corrosion, to adapt to all kinds of paint.
-In use, the pressure equalization to adjust slowly to avoid a sudden pressure increase damage to the tube.
Package Included:
1 x Roll (13m) 1/4 " Spray Hose
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